BG-air is a background in Powder Game and Powder Game 2. BG-air acts as an air pressure indicator, which is useful for when you need to find out which area has low or high air pressure. BG-air is also similar to BG-line and BG-non. The version that BG-air was released in is unknown.

Uses Edit

  • BG-air is useful for showing which area of the game screen has high or low air pressure.
  • For some people, BG-air is useful when one wants to show pressure like BG-line without the red lines.
  • Like BG-line, BG-air can be used to view glass in high or low pressure areas.

How BG-air works Edit

BG-air is similar to BG-line and BG-non. High air pressure is shown green on the game screen, and low air pressure is shown blue. The more faint the color of the blue and green is, the more closer that area is to medium air pressure. However, unlike BG-line, there are no lines to show the direction of the wind.