C-4 is a Explosive. It is basically like an iginition wire. Example: You could light one end with Fire and the the other end be touching Gunpowder, and the Gunpowder would explode.

Magma (PG2: Lava)
White (insuficient information)
State of Matter
Special Properties
Explosive solid
Version Implemented

Properties Edit

  • Connected particles of C-4 do not explode together - the explosion starts from one part of a block of C-4, continuing to contiguous particles of it, only getting from one end to the other after a period of time (not instantly, as with nitro).
  • When bomb touches C-4, it destroys the C-4 instead of lighting it.
  • Ants can make C-4 tunnels.
  • C-4 does not create fire when it explodes.
  • C-4 is destroyed by acid at a 1:1 ratio.

Uses Edit

  • Though C-4 is an explosive by itself, it is often used as a fuse (C-4 fuse cannot be detonated by bomb).
  • C-4 can be used as a container for most elements, then lighting the C-4 releases the element.
  • C-4 is used to create mandalas.
  • For duplicating images (see double message).
  • For creating player houses.

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