Funky looking little character that you can control composed of two sticks for legs and a box or circle for a head. You may control 2 of them. The controls for this tiny beast are as follows



Left=Walk Left

Right=Walk Right




A=Walk Left

D=Walk Right


The color of the item that is the same color as the player's head will get spewed out of the player in the direction it is facing when the down key is pressed. To change the color of his head, simply bash it into (or let it come into contact with) any non-solid element. The element with a blue dot next to it (right click control) will be the character's default head color and puke material. The player will die if its feet come into contact with fire, magma or torch or any part of it is kicked by a fighter or lightning. To combat the fighters, you can cook their feet with fire, or kill them dead in any of the ways that the player can die.


Please add to this if you know if/how you can make the player not change its head color when it touches stuff