Uploads are how the Powder Game community shares their work. They are organized depending on the ammount of "votes" or "deletes" they recieve. Many things make up a good upload, and many steps must take place.

1. Creating the upload Uploads need to be created carefully if you want to get votes. A "famous" powder game player, genius3000, made an upload about the topic of uploading. He covered the basics there. It is very important to be detailed and careful about uploads, or else they will turn out sloppy and you will get no votes. As he said, originality is important. We don't want to see your 'super cool' bomb or volcano kill a bunch of fighters.

2. Uploading it This, actually is much more complicated than it seems. You need to, first of all, register on Dan-Ball. Then there are a few rules:

I. You can only upload every two days on your account.

II. There can only be 50 uploads every 12 hours uploaded. So, do your best to get on when it is 0:00 in Japan. To find what time that is where you live, click here and enter the date. Then set the time as 00/12 a.m. and select Japan-Tokyo. Find your location on the chart and see what time to get on. Then get on at that time and press upload.